Wycliff Install Food Storage Silos for Butchers Pet Care

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Wycliff Services have recently installed three 30,000 litre Silos for Butchers Pet Care in order for storage two of their meat-based products, with an option for easy installation for a fourth Silo should it be deemed suitable.

Provided with these Silos are automatic routing systems for transferring product from the incoming Delivery Tankers, to the Silos, to one of two Production Lines.

There is also an automated cleaning system in place for the Silos and all associated infeed and delivery pipework. Upon the completion of cleaning, the Silos and its pipework are drained, which its drainage points being routed to the sites Waste Water Treatment System.

Pictured below are some of the steps taken to install the Silos.


/images/BPC Silo Project/20190705_143144.jpg /images/BPC Silo Project/20190718_084003.jpg /images/BPC Silo Project/20191005_085239.jpg /images/BPC Silo Project/20191005_143029.jpg