Air Quality, Dust Control and Filtration Services

We at Wycliff Services supply and maintain Industrial Filters for the Steel, Plastic, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Leisure Industries to name a few.

The Types of Filters that we supply and maintain include:

  • Dust Extraction Filters (Including Unicell and SiloAir)
  • Fuel, Oil, and Water Liquid Filters
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Filters
  • Disposable Panel and Bag Filters (All Grades G2-H14)
  • HEPA and Carbon Filters

The Types of Services Wycliff can offer you include:

  • Servicing
  • LEV Testing
  • Supply of Spare Filter Parts, such as:
    • Filter Housings
    • Filter Frames
    • Drive Belts
    • Consumables
  • Duct Cleaning to TR19 Specification

Filtration Servicing

Wycliff's Air Quality and Maintenance Service Contracts ensures that customers always have complete control over their projects.

Our versatile servicing contracts can be tailored to suit any needs and budgets you may have.

Our contracts range from Simple Inspections to both Reactive and Preventative Service and Maintenance Packages.

The Types of operations included in these packages includes Fire Damper Testing, Ductwork Cleaning, and replacement part supply.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing (LEV)

Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems are designed to remove hazardous particles such as dust, fumes, or vapour from the air in order to reduce exposure to operators.

It is required by law for employers to ensure their LEV system is in complete working order, and thoroughly inspected at least every 14 months.

An LEV Inspection Involves:

  • A Thorough Visual Examination of LEV Components and Structures
  • A Performance Review - To check that the system functions properly and effectively.
  • A Control Test - To ensure that Air Particles are being controlled effectively in order to protect personnel.

Please Contact one of our engineers for more information on how we can improve the Air Quality of your business.