Wycliff Install Machine Base for Derbyshire Aerospace Company

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Last week Wycliff successfully installed a new concrete machine base onto the shop floor of a local Aerospace Company. This new flooring will allow for a greater production area within the company as consequently greater output can now be produced on the shop floor. The images below show the steps taken to clear, prepare, lay, and finish the new base.

/images/Concrete Flooring/1. Before.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/2. Peg Layout.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/3. Frame Installation.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/4. Pipe Feeding.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/5. Cement Poured.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/6. Fan Cleaning.jpg /images/Concrete Flooring/7. After.jpg