Wycliff create Multi-Faith Prayer Room at Premier Cricket Venue

Friday 8 April 2022

Wycliff Services have successfully completed the refurbishment and conversion of a Redundant Bookmakers area into a state-of-the-art Multi Faith Prayer Room at a Premier Cricket Venue based in the West Midlands.

The refurbishment of the room included an electrical rewire, installation of new stud wall partitions, toilets, sink, suspended ceiling grid and tiles, skirting, tiles, and decoration.

The refurbishment also consisted of the installation of 3 WuduMate Footbaths. These Footbaths are designed for use in a ritual process called Wudu, an important purity and cleansing process of Islam performed prior to worship. The Wudu process consists of a worshipper washing their hands, mouth, nostrils, face, arms, hair, ears, and feet in order to prepare for prayer. These footbaths allow for greater comfort and easier washing of all parts of the body including the feet while also minimizing splashing, protecting the worshipper’s clothes as well as the building from water damage. 

Before and after images of the newly refurbished room are below.

/images/Edgbaston Faith Room/1 Before.jpg /images/Edgbaston Faith Room/1 Refurbed.jpg /images/Edgbaston Faith Room/2 Before.jpg /images/Edgbaston Faith Room/2 Refurbed.jpg


Further information on the WuduMate Footbaths can be found at http://www.wudumate.com/. For more information on how we can help refurbish your business, please feel free to Contact Us.