Wycliff Install Trash Grille for Culvert in Northampton

Monday 10 August 2020

This past week Wycliff successfully completed the installation of a Trash Grille for a culvert outside of a school in Northampton.

The Grille was fabricated using Mild Steel with a Galvanised Finish, manufactured in manageable parts in the workshop for easy transportation to the site of the culvert before its assembly on site.

The features of the grille include an integrated Lockable Steel Gate to prevent vandalism of the Culvert Wall while still allowing maintenance within the gates life-span. Another feature is the Grilles greater extension away from the Culvert Wall to ensure safer removal of potential blockages.

The images below show the Culvert before and after the installation of the Grille. For more information of how we can improve the flow of your business, please feel free to Contact Us.

Wycliff Culvert Wycliff Culvert