Wycliff Install Aviation Warning Lights onto Hospital Helipad Support Post

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Wycliff have recently completed the installation of 3 Red Medium Intensity Aviation Warning Lights at the summit of a 14m twin wall flue support post for a hospital helipad.

These lights are connected to a junction box situated just underneath one of the extruded sections containing the light, which is in turn connected to another junction box for main connection to site. The 2 boxes were connected together using an armoured cable which runs down the length of the support post while contained within a Unistrut track.

The installation was performed off site prior to erection on site. This was done for both greater efficiency and to mitigate the consequences of working at height as this meant a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) was not required.

The light assembly was then efficiently erected on site by operatives of James Engineering adjacent to the hospital helipad.

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Wycliff Services Aviation Warning Lights Top Section Wycliff Services Aviation Warning Lighting Face on Wycliff Services Aviation Warning Lights Wycliff Services Aviation Warning Top Boss Light On.jpg Wycliff Services Aviation Warning Lights Upright