Wycliff Manufacture Hydrostatic Testing Rig for London Cross Rail Project

Thursday 10 December 2020

Wycliff have recently designed and fabricated at 30 bar Hydrostatic Testing Rig for the London Cross Rail Project.

The rig is designed to test the pressure of water systems along the route of the cross rail project, with one of the key requirements being that it had to be small and portable enough to allow Cross Rail operatives to carry the rig to each underground destination.

To fulfil this requirement, Wycliff designed the rig to have adjustable, folding legs, along with a short fixed stand when additional height was not necessary. This means that the rig can be used at various heights for different water systems, while also allowing for greater portability. The fixed stand also protects the lower valves from impact damage when the folding legs are not in use. While the legs are in use, the top of the legs are secured to the main part of the rig using removable pins, which prevents the legs from folding accidentally while in use. At each end of the rig are handles which allow for safe and easy handling of the rigs by the operative.

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