Wycliff Improve Daventry District Council’s Safety Standards with Guard Rails and Steps.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Wycliff have recently completed a project to improve the safety standards on the rooftop of a Northamptonshire District Council building to meet Working at Height Regulations. It is important for the council to meet these regulations because the rooftop is required to access the plant room. Access is also required to hoist a flag via a mast mounted onto the side of the building.

To complete this project, Wycliff Services were commissioned to fabricate a safety rail to cover all of the exposed edges on the roof, which ensures that the roof is adequately edge-protected from any person accidentally falling off of it.

Wycliff Daventry Council Railings Wycliff Daventry Council Railings


This railing was installed over the existing edge protection used for hoisting the flag to mitigate the chances of any falls over the existing railing. Both the new and existing railings are shown in the image below.

Wycliff Daventry Council Railings
Wycliff were also commissioned to replace the cat ladder with steps bridging over a small wall to provide safer access and egress between the roof and the plant room area.

Wycliff Daventry Council Steps Wycliff Daventry Council Steps Wycliff Daventry Council Steps Wycliff Daventry Council Steps


These safety improvements were also twinned with a Ruby Red powder coated finish to our fabricated products, which matches with the existing colour scheme of the building and improves its aesthetics of both the product and the building itself.

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