Wycliff Install Western Power Electrical Substation Plinth at Butcher’s Pet Care

Monday 17 May 2021

Wycliff have recently constructed and installed a plinth for a size upgrade to a Western Power Distribution Switch Gear Electrical Substation at the main site of Butcher’s Pet Care in Northamptonshire.

The works included excavating a grass area adjacent to the existing substation, installing the plinth, grating and electrical cables within the plinth area, filling the plinth area with tarmac as well as the areas to the side and back of the plinth with soil. This then allowed the new larger Western Power Distribution Electrical Substation to be built onto the new plinth.

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/images/BPC Plinth/20212cc2efbe-1001.jpg /images/BPC Plinth/20210225_103538.jpg

/images/BPC Plinth/20210512_114239.jpg