Wycliff Install Cabin and Ramp at Norfolk based Gas & Local History Museum

Monday 28 March 2022

Wycliff Services have recently installed a Workshop Portacabin at the Fakenham Museum of Gas & Local History in Norfolk. Along with this, Wycliff Services also completed the fabrication and installation of a walkway ramp to accompany the portacabin and to allow disabled access into the cabin.

/images/Fakenham/Cabins/20220324_105655.jpg /images/Fakenham/Cabins/20220324_105703.jpg /images/Fakenham/Cabins/20220324_105714.jpg


The works are part of an ongoing refurbishment project at the museum in order to get the museum ready for reopening in May 2022. More information on its reopening can be found on their website linked here.

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