Wycliff Install Distribution Cables as part of Cricket Training Ground Project

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Wycliff Services are proud to have been involved in the creation of a soon to be opened Premier Cricket Training Venue in the West Midlands.

Wycliff Services were responsible for the design, excavation, and installation of all distribution cables.

/images/Edgbaston Electrical Project/Dist_Board.jpg /images/Edgbaston Electrical Project/20220317_125056.jpg


Within the storage facilities, efficient lighting, power, and an automated irrigation system was installed.

Pitchside, Wycliff installed purpose-made power outlets for temporary bowling machines and automated retractable netting.

/images/Edgbaston Electrical Project/Switches and Net Reels.jpg /images/Edgbaston Electrical Project/20220317_125144.jpg /images/Edgbaston Electrical Project/Switch.jpg


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